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Top Landscaping Services in Lompoc, CA

Our landscaping services in Lompoc, CA, are the way to go when you need to modify the look of your lawn, landscaping, or foliage on your property. Bro’s Landscape is a firm dedicated to foliage, vegetation, lawns, landscaping, trees, shrubs, and flowers, among other things. Share your landscaping problems with us for expert guidance and low-cost maintenance services. When your grass is no longer as healthy or green as it once was, we offer fast, effective, and professional landscaping services In Lompoc, CA, to rejuvenate your lawn. We are the landscaping company that provides total lawn care and weed removal, whether you require mulching to protect the soil and promote stronger plants or weed removal.

Our Mission

Bro's Landscape's objective is to commit to your lawn's safety and healthy growth. Our experts are knowledgeable and passionate about the health of plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation.

Our Vision

We recognize that landscaping may be costly for some people; nevertheless, we strive to keep our fees cheap to assist individuals in getting affordable landscaping in Lompoc, CA, regardless of their financial situation. Our services are crystal clear, and there are no hidden costs.

Landscaping Services in Lompoc

Bro’s Landscaping is renowned for delivering the top landscaping services in Lompoc, CA. For years, we’ve built a sterling reputation by consistently producing captivating landscapes tailored to each client’s unique vision. Upon partnering with us, our process begins with a detailed discussion about your landscape aspirations. Our seasoned team then applies their extensive expertise to craft that vision, reviving dried plants and seamlessly integrating elements like diverse flower beds, shrubs, and ornamental trees. As a premier provider of top landscaping services in Lompoc, CA, our commitment is to ensure your outdoor space remains a testament to beauty and quality throughout every season. Choose Bro’s Landscaping, and experience firsthand our unwavering dedication to making every landscape a masterpiece.

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Tree Services

Professional pruning is an important part of a long-term plant and tree care. Pruning done correctly will protect your grass from pests, damage, withering limbs, and other problems.

Lawn Edging

Everyone wants a nice-looking, green, and bright lawn, but it takes time and effort. Our skilled lawn edging services in Lompoc, CA, can guarantee that your lawn and landscaping are well-maintained and thrive well all year.


With our tree, shrubs, and flower planting services, we can help you give your lawn and landscaping project a fresh new appearance. Our trained arborists will advise you on the ideal site, soil, fertilizer, and other factors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pruning is a sensible choice for avoiding damage and harm. Dead or overgrown tree branches may fall and cause damage to whatever is beneath them. Aside from that, tree trimming improves the aesthetics of your garden.
Yes, our autumn cleanup services are cutting-edge, and they help your lawn develop healthy flora.
In most cases, 3 to 4 inches is the ideal height for your grass. This size is perfect for minimizing turf damage and stress.
There is no such term as a landscape design service that is one-size-fits-all. The price of mowing your lawn is determined by its size.
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Our skilled landscapers are enthusiastic and committed to this industry, which is one of the main reasons we are the finest in offering lawn care and landscaping services. Finally, the job produced is outstanding and genuinely professional.

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Our experts will advise you on the finest options when shedding or pruning trees, hedges, and shrubs. We provide amazing landscaping services in Lompoc, CA, thanks to our years of expertise and professional understanding in this sector.
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We are a top-rated servicing company offering premier landscape design/build and maintenance services. Ever wonder what the best time for beautifying your lawn is? The Autumn .
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